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Duluth is an active and fast moving city and there are many moving pieces that bring the city to life. From bikes to trains, hiking to cargo ships, and everything in between, transportation in all its forms is vital to the health of people, the environment and the economy. It’s what connects us to each other, and links us to the wider world.

At the start of Imagine Duluth 2035, the transportation focus group identified a list of research questions which can be found here.  After conducting two focus groups and researching data related to the questions, draft policy statements were created.

Draft policies as of 12/20/17:

Policy #1 – Improve street conditions to function better for everyone

Policy #2 – Reduce infrastructure costs through innovation and wholesale design change

Policy #3 – Add to the transportation network by systematically enhancing multi-modal options

Policy #4 – Improve system condition and connections in and between downtown and Canal Park

Policy #5 – Base decisions about transportation infrastructure primarily in the context of improving city and neighborhood vitality, and not on automobile through traffic

Policy #6 – Protect and enhance regional transportation networks, especially for purposes of expanding opportunities for movement of freight

See the complete draft of policies and strategies.


Meeting Agendas and Summaries


Next Meeting: TBA


June 7, 2017 

March 8, 2017

October 11, 2016


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