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This page will be updated throughout the Imagine Duluth planning process, so check back often. Last updated: October 13, 2016.

Background information, such as plans and reports, used to inform the Imagine Duluth comprehensive plan update can be found on the Resources page.

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Research Maps

Research Maps 

Transit and Sidewalks

Do transit lines follow population density? What is the sidewalk conditions adjacent to transit?

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Neighborhood Engagement Results

District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5

Kick-off Event Maps

These maps were displayed at the Imagine Duluth Kick-off Celebration on September 21, 2016. Their main purpose is to show Duluth as it is now. These maps help us understand where things are and how places are connected, and give us a starting point to imagine how Duluth could develop over the next 20 years.

Employment Maps

Employment Centers

Where are jobs located in Duluth?

How does this compare to where people live and to existing transportation networks?

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Housing Unit Density

Housing Unit Density

Where are housing units located?

How do current housing densities compare to the target densities set in the Future Land Use Map?

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Housing Denisty Map

Population Density

Where do people live in Duluth?

In which areas is the population most concentrated

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Please note: These maps were originally created to be printed in large format and then reduced in size for ease of downloading. If you are having trouble reading the maps, want more information on the data used to create them, or want to see a portion of the city that is not displayed, please email with your questions. 


Survey Results


We collected demographic information on our survey so we can better understand who we are hearing from and who we need to do a better job of reaching out to. We also use demographic information to make sure that if voices that have been historically marginalized are telling us something unique, we hear it. 4,175 community members shared their thoughts with us by taking the survey. 

Here are some snapshots of the respondents who shared their demographic information with us:

Gender Graph Age Graph
Race/Ethnicity Graph


Here are the full demographic results:

Demographic Results


Please note that 15-17% of respondents chose not to share demographic information with us. Those respondents are not included in the pie charts above.

Did we hear from respondents who are representative of the total population in Duluth? Some demographic groups were representative of the total population, but others were over or under represented in our survey responses. If you would like to explore the demographics in Duluth and compare them to the demographics of our survey respondents, check out this demographic mapping tool.

More survey results coming soon!