Housing Duluth is a city of distinct neighborhoods that provide housing for today’s residents.  But what about the housing needs of the city’s residents in 2035?  In early 2017 we researched questions developed with the input of focus group participants. Based on our research and the input of the housing focus group, we have developed the following draft policies:

Draft policies as of 11/30/17:

Policy 1: Increase density in and around the designated Core Investment Areas.

Policy 2: Provide affordable, attainable housing opportunities.

Policy 3: Prioritize inclusive housing policies to reflect the city’s social, cultural, economic, and historic diversity and development patterns.

Policy 4: Improve the quality of the city’s housing stock and neighborhoods.

Policy 5: Expand the cohesiveness of “One Duluth” by expanding a variety of housing opportunities throughout the city while maintaining unique community characteristics within distinct individual neighborhoods.

See the complete draft of policies and strategies.


Meeting Agendas and Summaries

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March 7, 2017 

October 20, 2016



City of Duluth 2017 Housing Action Framework