Table of Contents

Adopted 6/25/18 

1. Acknowledgements & Table of Contents 

2. Executive Summary 

3. Background

4. Community Engagement Process 

5. Governing Principles 

6. Economic Development 

7. Energy and Conservation 

8. Housing

9. Open Space 

10. Transportation 

11. Land Use 

12. General Development 

13. Transformative Opportunities 

14. Metrics & Measurements 




a. Irving Fairmount Brownfields Revitalization Plan

b. 2016 Survey Outcomes

c. Health in All Policies Survey Results

d. 2017 Youth Engagement

e. Imagine Canal Park Interim Community Engagement Summary Report


After the comprehensive plan is adopted, the city will begin implementation steps, understanding that implementation is an ongoing, multi-year process. Implementation steps identified to date include:


Annual Reporting

2020 Annual Report